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Tuesday 04 January, 2022 | RSS Feed

We Found a $50 Version of the Celeb-Loved UGG Winter Boots Outlet Supermodels Keep Wearing

If you entered a middle school or went within 100 feet of a mall food court in the early 2010s, there's a good chance you remember the absolute chokehold Ugg boots had on adolescent fashion at the time. And if you're like me and you (unfortunately) were one of those tweenage mall-dwellers, you tossed your beloved pair(s) aside years ago only to see the boots re-enter the "model off duty" fashion scene present day — and you haven't known a moment of peace since.

ICYMI, Uggs are back, and supermodels can't get enough of them. Seriously, everyone from Joan Smalls to Gigi Hadid have been spotted in Ultra-Mini Uggs over the past year, to the point where the boots are now considered an essential part of the unofficial supermodel uniform for winter (and something I need to have on my feet, like, now). If you're wanting to get in on the trend, but got rid of your OGs and aren't looking to dole out $150 on a new pair, we found an affordable option so similar, even your middle school self would be satisfied: The Cushionaire Memory Foam Boots on Amazon.

AMZF Celeb Loved Mini Uggs Dupe

The slip-on boots feature the same sturdy rubber sole, warm inner lining, and 3-inch shaft height as the Ultra-Minis, but with a price tag of just $50, you can grab three pairs for the same price as one of the original. They come in five different colors (including the iconic chestnut shade) and sizes six to 11, and shoppers say they're just as nice as the real thing.

"I was looking for a less expensive Ugg alternative and these are the only ones I could find with the ''ultra mini' look," one reviewer wrote. "I love them. I have had multiple pairs of Uggs and these are a great dupe! Even better quality than expected." 

Beyond just looking adorable, shoppers say these memory foam boots are warm, comfortable, and the perfect footwear option to get through long days on your feet. Plus, the thick sole means you can wear the boots outdoors to truly recreate the on-the-go supermodel look (green juice in hand, of course). Simply pair the boots with some leggings and a fleece jacket, and watch your basic errands outfit take on the vibe of a celeb-worthy athleisure look in mere seconds.

"These are literally the perfect Ugg dupe," another reviewer wrote. "For the price of the real Uggs, I get three pairs of these! Great quality, comfy, and not cheap material at all… [I] got my normal size and it fits perfect! I'll be buying more for sure."

While my middle school Uggs are sadly no longer with us, if Kaia Gerber decides Ugg-style boots are cool again, then dammit, I guess it's time to grab myself a new pair. Join me in getting the supermodel-loved look without the splurge by adding these $50 Cushionaire boots to your Amazon cart while you still can.

AMZF Celeb Loved Mini Uggs Dupe

AMZF Celeb Loved Mini Uggs Dupe



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