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3 Tips to Find Super Pure Omega 3 Soft Gel Caps

Looking for super pure omega 3 soft gel caps? Then search no further. If you're looking up this kind of information then you already know a lot about fish supplements, therefore I don't need to explain too much.

However, one thing I can do is help you to find those super pure omega 3 soft gel caps. So instead of wasting any time, let's get straight to it.


For your soft gel caps to be super pure you need to ensure that your product is fresh. If it isn't you could suffer from an array of side effects, including the renowned "fish burp" and diarrhoea.

This can happen due to fish becoming rancid during transport. If the production plant is far away from where the fish are sourced, fish can spoil on the journey.

To prevent this, look for a company whose manufacturing plant is relatively close to their source of fish. If you can't check this, simply cut open their soft gels and sniff them.

If it smells sour, they aren't fresh.


This is very important to make sure your supplement is effective. Your supplement needs to have at least 250mg of DHA and 120mg of EPA, fulfilling the much recommended 2:1 ratio that many experts agree will benefit you more.

The reason there is more DHA than EPA is that it benefits your health more. Taking two capsules like this daily will really benefit your health.


To ensure that your product is safe to consume you have to check that it is pure. If it is impure it could damage your health.

To check this make sure your product has undergone a process called molecular distillation, which removes many of the natural and man-made pollutants found in fish (mercury, lead, PCBs.)

These are the 3 factors you need to check to ensure that your product contains super pure omega 3 soft gel caps. Just make sure it has been properly purified above all else.