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Choosing the Best Wedding Reception Hall

Searching for a reception hall for your wedding can be a daunting task. Finding the best wedding reception halls for you to choose from is not easily done, especially if you're only focused on price. You'll need to leave a little cushion and leeway in your budget if you want to steer away from the cheap reception halls. You get what you pay for but there are some simple ways to find one that you'll love.

You'll find that there are hundreds of reception halls in your area, so how do you find the best ones? The first place you should start with is referrals from friends, family members and coworkers. They will direct you to the ones they've either used or enjoyed attending a wedding. Asking other wedding professionals is good, too, as long as you know if they receive money from the referral or not. If they are getting a kick back, they may not care that the receptions halls they refer are actually terrible! Visit the big wedding websites, too, to see if any local brides have ideas. Once you have a few of the best places, it's time to pop in for a visit.

On your site visit at the wedding hall, there are a lot of questions to be considered. You can get sidetracked with asking things such as how loud is it by the ceremony site and what are their feelings on wedding reception hall decorations. Make a list before you visit of the most important items you'd like to discuss with the catering manager or director. After you've got your list, it is imperative that you add the following questions to the very top of that list. These three things can have a huge negative impact on the outcome of your celebration.

See if the bar is in the reception hall and not separated from your dinner area. If it is far away, most of your fun loud guests will be out in the hallway or in another room drinking and partying and that would be sad. Sometimes it's hard to get people up to dance and it's even harder if it looks like the dance floor is being flooded by a spot light. Ask the manager if they can dim the lights over the dance floor. Finally, some reception halls for rent have a fixed dance floor, but most are able to place them anywhere. If the dance floor is in the middle of the room, you'll have the best response for dancing.

Your wedding reception hall will be a place where amazing events take place and magical moments happen. It would be disappointing if your special day was ruined because the simple fixes above were not implemented. Remember, this is your one chance to have the perfect wedding day, so prepare and plan with your reception hall so none of these issues happen.