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Criss Angel ? A 21st Centuary Role Model

Many people may not agree with the opinion that Criss Angel is a role model for this generation. Too many people will look at his dark persona and will think that he has a hidden agenda, and he has. Criss Angel is a performer who is bringing back the magic to magic.

Gone are the days when the teen generation chose to wear pastels and sang songs with words like happy and gay in the chorus. This is a darker more edgier world we live in and the teens of today may not seem as easy to understand as their peers of the 1960, 70?s and 80s, but they still have a desire to do the impossible, to be the individual and in some way to become the super? well, the super-something.

Magic has changed, just like the younger generation have. Mentalism is the new magic, rooted in skills like cold reading and perception, they allow the average person to perform the perceivably impossible. The generation of today are more grounded in reality. They see what is happening in the world on the news and in movies and they understand that being special doesn?t mean emulating the likes of Superman or Spiderman. Being special means being able to do things that others perceive to be impossible.

You don?t have to be a parent to know that it is natural for all children to rebel at some point in their lives. As an adult, you know this as you experienced it yourself and it?s this understanding of a childs need to rebel or to be considered bad that drives a lot of them.

The image of Criss Angel levitating from one building to another has astounded many audiences and it is this great feat, which can be achieved by anyone willing to take the time to practise, that has changed the perception of magic forever. Criss Angel has led magic to take a slightly darker turn, which appeals to the younger generation without actually leading down a darker path. This has become a great outlet for the rebel inside many a difficult child and the redirection of focus from doing some bad to doing something perceived as bad is a relief for many parents around the world.