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Essential Info On Tony Horton And His P90X Workout Program

The P90X (Power 90 Extreme) is a best-selling home exercise program since it debuted. This is the brainchild of Tony Horton, a popular fitness guru. Below is information about this guy - how he got started in the world of fitness, as well as his other creations.

Born in Westerly, Rhode Island on the 2nd of July, 1958, he was christened Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. After finishing his studies in the University of Rhode Island, he packed his bags to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. But he was told by agents to come back some other time until he's fit. Tony, as a kid, hated exercising and loved fast food. He realized that making it in showbiz required having great physique.

What he did was join a famous fitness gym in Venice, California: World Gym. He was so into fitness that he also got information from books and the pros who were attending the same gym. That time, famous bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno frequented the place. But Tony wasn't a fan of the bulky and non-flexible physique.

What he wanted was to have the sleek, toned and flexible body of an athlete. That's why he designed his own workout routines to enable him to achieve such goal. Strength, speed, balance and flexibility - these were the things he focused on. His fitness level soon improved, and he started dabbling on other activities such as pilates, yoga, plyometrics, etc.

He was also introduced around this time to interval training by triathlete and Ironman competitor, Mark Sisson. All the things Tony learned about fitness soon would pave the way for his creation of ground-breaking fitness systems in the future. He went from being lanky to ripped, and news about his amazing physical transformation spread. Soon enough, many different opportunities for him started to open up.

Celebrities started seeking for his help in giving themselves better bodies - from movie stars to recoding artists. He began contributing articles to magazines focusing on health and fitness. A TV network offered him a show to host. He also became a spokesperson to a very popular company that manufactured exercise machines. Tony founded his own business too, which is ASH Fitness.

Through a client, Tony met a guy by the name of Carl Daikeler. They became friends and he hired Tony to become his fitness trainer. Later on in 1998, Daikeler established his own company, Beachbody, together with another friend named Jon Congdon. They asked Tony to help them develop an exercise video series, where he is the star. His first line of videos for Beachbody was called Great Body Guaranteed. He made a lot more, including Tony and the Kids, Tony and the Folks, 10 Minute Trainer, Power Half Hour, etc.

But perhaps none is as popular as the Power 90, which was launched way back in 2001. Then a follow up version to it was released in 2004: the P90X or Power 90 Extreme. This home exercise video is designed to last for 90 days, divided into 3 stages. There's also a matching nutrition plan Tony himself has designed. The principle behind this system is muscle confusion, which keeps the body from reaching the plateau effect.