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My Review of the Michael Kors MK5020 Watch

I own a lot of white ceramic watches as part of my personal collection but from time to time, I also tend to buy some stainless steel watches like the Michael Kors MK5055. However, there is another stainless steel women's watch that is one of my personal favorites and that is the Michael Kors MK5020 watch. This watch is really popular among women and watch lovers because in terms of performance and quality, this one's a winner all the way.

For me, while buying any watch, I look at three different criteria's: performance, quality and looks. If a watch scores high on all these three parameters, then I've got to own that watch and such was the case with the Michael Kors MK5020. Even before I had seen the watch, I knew it would score high on the quality factor because it's a watch from the house of Michael Kors. MK watches are known all over the world for their high quality standards and this one's no different.

In terms of performance, let me tell you that I've owned this watch for more than a year now and it still performs at a top-level. To date, there has been no problem with the watch in any respect whatsoever; either with regards to link discoloration or a faulty battery, this watch doesn't give any problems and as a consumer, I'm totally satisfied with the performance aspects of the Michael Kors MK5055 watch. And just in case, there's a slight problem, you don't need to worry because it is covered by a warranty policy as well.

When it comes to looks, this one's a killer. It's a watch that is guaranteed to bring you compliments every time you wear it on your wrist and believe me, you'll be showered with praises and compliments. Another great aspect that I liked about the Michael Kors MK5055 is that this watch is a perfect match for all kinds of dresses. It looks equally good on me while I'm at home in simple clothes and when I step outside in my evening gowns.

If you're looking to buy a nice women's watch for yourself or for your loved one, then you should definitely consider the Michael Kors MK5055. I thoroughly researched this watch before buying so you should look up other reviews as well and at the end I bought my watch from Amazon which was offering an amazing deal on this great women's watch.