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Nike Dunks 0160

The Nike Dunks 0160 is one of the increasingly popular members of the Nike Dunks 'High' products family, close relatives to it in that family being the likes of Nike Dunk 0161, 0162, 0166, the colorful Nike Dunks Channel Zero, the Nike Gucci Dunk High SB among many others. I must confess that I always wondered as to what people really found so attractive in high dunks, which I considered better worn by teenagers: before I got to use the Nike Dunks 0160, a shoe with which I have since gotten so enchanted with as for me to make it my favorite casual-wear shoe.

It is worthy mentioning, right from the outset, that the Nike 0160 is a truly tall shoe in the real sense of the word, so that if you have always searched for a 'high' dunk that really delivered on the promise of tallness, then the Nike Dunks 0160 would be just the shoe for you. Remarkably, the height of the Nike Dunks 0160 is achieved mainly through what one might call clever design on the upper body, because the sole of the shoe is really more less of the 'normal' thickness that one would expect in a dunk.

Anyone who really knows 'Nike' would expect them to exploit color to the fullest in their products, and this is just what they do on Nike 0160, where I can count at least half a dozen colors of this particular pair. This starts with the black, which is the color on the lower part of the sole (the part that is in contact with the ground). This black later makes another albeit very small appearance on the shoelaces; for Nike Dunks 0160 which by default come black.

Then there is white, prominently rendered on the upper part of the Nike 0160's sole, that is, the part of the sole which connects to the upper body. The upper body itself is mainly grey and navy blue, with the navy blue making a greater appearance of the two, and the grey patch only forming the basic structure on which the purple main body is 'hinged.' The colors don't end there, as there is red, which has the 'honor' of gracing the Nike tick on the Nike Dunks 0160, with yellow also getting a representation on this shoe, on another small Nike tick on the tip of the shoe's tongue, which also happens to be the highest point on the shoe. What is remarkable about Nike's employment of color on the Nike 0160 is the fact that a thoughtful choice of colors for the shoe sees the Nike Dunks 0160 come out as 6-color shoe, yet not too loud a shoe in terms of colors, hence still qualifying it as a suitable shoe when you want to acquire that 'casual-smart' look with it.

Nike seems to have a certain preference for the shoelace mechanism (over things like flaps) for tying mechanisms for its shoe products, and it is therefore not surprising that the Nike Dunks 0160 comes with such a shoe-lace mechanism for tying, and a long one as befits a shoe of its height, straddling a whopping 18+ holes over its course, although the user has the option of leaving some of these unthreaded.