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Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Review

If you are looking to improve your golf driving performance with the very latest in ground-breaking driver technology, then the new Nike SQ Machspeed Driver could very well be the beast you are seeking.

Using their award winning STR8-FIT technology, Nike engineers have produced a formidable weapon that has been specifically designed to offer golfers the two key ingredients that we are all crying out for.......Maximum Distance and Complete Direction Control.

Their new tour proven STR8-FIT technology in the Nike SQ Machspeed Driver is the first of its kind to hit the market place, and gives you the ability to adjust the club head face and lie angle, so that it matches your swing style.

With 8 different settings to choose from, you have the option to either subtly or dramatically change the shape of your drives, so you can counteract that hook or slice and optimize you launch trajectory and ball flight for maximum distance and control.

Nike have also managed to reduce the amount of drag from wind resistance by focusing on improving the aerodynamic qualities of the club head in the Nike SQ Machspeed Driver.

Their new 'PowerBow' design and sole diffuser keep the airflow smooth and close to the club head which allows you to move it faster through the air, which will in turn give you more ball speed and consequently more distance off of the tee.

They have also improved the weight distribution with their tour proven square technology. This moves the weight further back and into the corners of the Nike SQ Machspeed Driver, to lower the center of gravity and increase the moment of inertia.

This not only helps to add distance onto your drives, but also increases stability within the club head through contact with the ball, which allows for greater shot control and more forgiveness.