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The New Soccer Ball World Cup 2010

To be selected for a ball such world-class competition, it must meet several requirements. The company works started up soccer balls in 1963 and now Adidas is a leading company in their production. Winner this year is Jabulani, the new Soccer ball World cup 2010.

Tests were conducted at The Adidas Innovation Team (A.I.T) of the most rigid laboratory conditions. Then was given and the club teams and professional players to try out the playing field. One of the leading institutions in the world - the Sports Technology Research Group of the University of Loughborough have also conducted research. All tests carried out proved that Jabulani Adidas has a stable flight and is more round than any other ball in various competitions.

Quality criteria, which was built by FIFA, ensuring the highest standard of the best players in the most popular sporting event. All tests carried out by Loughborough University and Adidas football laboratory in Scheinfeld prove that Soccer Ball World Cup 2010 not only meets, and is much better than all the criteria! The tests that were made are: Circumference Test, Water Absorption Test, Permanent Roundness Test. All of them, the Soccer ball World cup 2010 meets the world level!

Circumference Test: In order to achieve optimum results in keeping or dribble to calculate the average circumference of each ball, as measured in 10 different points.

* FIFA-Approved Standard: 68.5 cm - 69.5 cm * Adidas Jabulani: 69,0 cm (+/- 0,2 cm)

Water Absorption Test: If a ball is heavy and wet, the conduct of the football field is totally different from a dry one. Low bounce, dribble hard and fly slowly. The new patented technology for thermal bonding makes the Soccer ball World cup 2010 almost impermeable. For the water absorption test, it will be placed in a container with water. Pressure and rotates 250 times, and then measure its weight. Test shows that it behaves in the same manner as dry.

* FIFA-Approved Standard: Water absorption: no more than 10% weight increase * Adidas Jabulani: Water absorption: 0% weight increase

Permanent Roundness Test: One player can fully demonstrate their abilities only if the ball is perfectly round. 3-D panels reduce the formation of corners and they shift the energy balance. Large panels offer a wide range of kick. To be measured 16 different locations on the ball and is considered average diameter. The difference between the smallest and largest diameter should be strictly defined limits.

* FIFA-Approved Standard: Maximum 1.5% difference * Adidas Jabulani: Maximum 1.0% difference.

Finally, some interesting features:

* High-quality materials in the cover, backing, and bladder allow the ball to fly exceptionally true * Made with 100% polyurethane; received the highest FIFA rating * Ball passed tests on weight, water uptake, shape, and size retention * Official match play size 5 * Official FIFA Soccer ball World cup 2010