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Uggs for Men: It's Time to Get Yourself a Pair of Ugg Boots Outlet

You remember Uggs, right? The boots with the fur once worn by the tragically unstylish? You might think GQ endorsing Uggs for men is fake news, but we're here to report that the famously ugly shoes are back (gasp!) and frankly, our feet are glad. How did we get here?

Like many iconic brands, Ugg didn't set out to be a fashion behemoth, let alone stylish. Before Ugg was Ugg, they were simply uggs, a style of boot most recognized for its pragmatic warm, shearling uppers. Their exact origins remain disputed, but the shoes gained popularity in Australia in the 1960s not as winter boots, but as beach shoes—the luscious sheepskin boots kept surfers warm pre- and post-shred. They made their way to America in the 1970s when Australian surfer Brian Smith moved to Southern California and brought the style with him, founding the company we know today as Ugg.

Their supreme comfort made Ugg's boots and slippers a hit among other athletes throughout the '90s, especially as house shoes, before gaining both popularity (and derision) for their design throughout the 2000s. The shoes were reviled in style circles throughout the aughts and considered grossly inappropriate outside the context of one's own home. But after enduring a gauntlet of fashion ridicule—alongside the even uglier Crocs—Ugg has not only survived, it's now experiencing a second wind.

Thanks to a revival of Y2K and SoCal style and collaborations with of-the-moment designers like Telfar and Bape, Ugg has reentered the zeitgeist. While Drake and Adam Sandler have worn Uggs at their coziest, other celebs like Pharrell, Evan Mock and Justin Bieber are elevating Ugg to obscene levels of drip. The range that Ugg has lies in its simplicity. Compared to Crocs, Ugg's Classic boot is remarkably plain. That's a good thing, because it allows the boots to navigate a ton of different outfits. Wear them with jeans and a flannel, use them to subvert the office suit, or pull 'em on to kick back in sweatpants at home. Lord knows you deserve a little extra comfort right now. 

And even if you're still iffy about all this, you should know that Ugg has expanded far beyond its Classic boot. From preppy duck boots to streetwise sneakers, beefy work boots to luxe sandals, there's a pair of men's Uggs boots that will fit your taste. For all of the GQ-approved Uggs for men, check out these 14 pairs below.

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    Ugg Classic Mini boot

    Here it is, the ever-controversial classic. Regardless of how you feel about the ur-Ugg aesthetically—just plain cool, just plain uncool, or so uncool they're actually cool—one thing is indisputable: this is the coziest pair of boots you'll ever own. The Classic comes in few different heights, but this ankle boot is a good in-between that'll work for most people and pant breaks.

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Ugg Tasman slipper

Another best selling style for Ugg, the Tasman is a suede loafer-style shoe that can easily sub in for a pair of Birkenstock Boston clogs.

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Ugg sheepskin insole

Ugg-ify any shoe with these shearling shoe inserts.

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Ugg Neumel boot

Like the iconic lace-up chukka boots you know, only way more cozy.

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Ugg Tasman Tasman slip-on

Pair with your funkiest socks for best results.

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Ugg Scuff slipper

You might not make a platinum-selling album wearing these, but you can dress like Drake and manifest it.

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Ugg Fluff That slippers

Like it or not, wearing these automatically grants you the nickname Fluff Daddy.

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Ugg Ascot leather slipper

This classic house slipper is made with full-grain leather and sheepskin lining. Slip 'em on and watch as your apartment suddenly feels 15% more like a cozy log cabin in the woods.

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Ugg Biltmore Chelsea boot

Ugg also does the "Brooklyn artist" look very well.

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Ugg "Wainscott" Flip sandal

Uggs in summer? YES. This handsome pair of flip flops is a premium take on the beach-bound footwear, using full-grain leather uppers and luxurious leather insoles.

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Ugg "Wainscott" Buckle Slide | UGG® Official

This is what you'll refer to as the "nice" sandals in your sandal rotation.

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Ugg Butte Chelsea boot

Totally waterproof boots, equipped with Vibram soles, and rated for subzero temperatures, these cold weather stompers put the "Ugg" in "rugged".

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Ugg CA805 Classic Weather boot

If the Classic Mini is a sedan, the CA805 classic weather boot is an SUV.

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Ugg "Romeo" boot

The mini version of the mini boot.