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Why Wear a Watch?

This is a question I am often asked by those that use their mobile phone to tell the time. Yes a mobile/cell phone will give you a reasonable indication of the time but there are many reasons why a watch is better than a mobile when it comes to a device that will tell you the time and more.

Nothing is more annoying than having to pull your mobile/cell phone out of your pocket or holster every time you want to check the time. In many cases you will need to turn the mobile/cell phone around in order to have the time correctly displayed, this is tedious in itself. Many mobile phones will require you to touch the screen or slide the screen of the phone to make the screen viewable, another hindrance. Why go to all this trouble when you could wear a watch and just look at your wrist?, beats me. Another advantage that most watches have over a mobile phone as a means to tell the time is water resistance (Omega dive watches can be water resistant up to 2000m/ 6000ft). Try taking your mobile for a swim and then see how well it tells the time. Most watches are water resistant enough to ensure a swim doesn't render the watch useless.

A watch is more than just a way to tell the time. A watch tells others that you care about presentation (Longines), you love style (Rado), you mean business (Bulova) etc. There are so many positive messages that wearing a watch will give to your friends, family, new acquaintances and even a stranger whos eyes might catch your watch and become interested in the person wearing such a timepiece, that is if the watch is a quality instrument with fashionable appeal (not just a $2 plastic number you purchased at a discount store). If you purchase and wear a quality watch (Breitling) it can help you in so many situations. Many business men and women have a particular watch that they wear to a function when networking (Rado). A high quality (ie TAG Heuer) watch says "look, I am successful and if you do business with me you can be successful too". A high quality watch can also give the message that the wearer is successful (ie Baume & Mercier) and good at their job which is handy when in job interviews etc. A high quality and stylish watch such as those from Gucci also says "I value quality" and or "I have a good sense of style".

A watch purely as a fashion statement can serve this purpose well. Many of today's watches are more than just a way to tell the time and look stylish, they are pieces of art. Such watches are designed by some of the great fashion minds and houses in the world (Gucci, Longines, DKNY, Christian Dior) and are meant to stand out and convey the wearer as up to date with the latest trends. These designer watches will surely make you the envy of all who gaze upon it which can be handy to gain the upper hand in social interaction and even start up conversations in new social circles when you are asked about the stylish timepiece that adorns your wrist.

Many of today's watches do more than just tell the time, they are fitted with mechanisms to measure all manner of parameters. Some watches can measure the date (Omega), moon phase(Longines), heart rate, temperature, water depth, altitude (Breitling), the time in different cities around the world, travelling speed, lap times etc and many don't need a battery (unlike your mobile phone) as they run on solar energy, kinetic energy, movement of the person wearing the watch and light (from any source).

So why wear a watch?. Well the question asked should be why aren't you wearing a watch, because a watch is so much more than just a way to tell the time.